January 29, 2015

Making Prayer Time New

Prayer time is something that seems to be a struggle for many, but then seems to flow so freely for others. This should not make us feel less-than if we struggle with prayer in the following ways: making time, knowing how, making it meaningful (purposeful). This is because we serve a supernatural God, and as imperfect mere humans, we cannot comprehend how to even approach the King of Heaven sometimes. But the truth is, there is no right or wrong, better or worse way to pray. If you pray with a genuine heart, you believe that God hears you, and you truly desire His Will for your life…then my beloved, you are already a prayer warrior!

But maybe you long for more. Mayve you want it to be more effortless, more consistent, and deeper. Then it is a good thing you are here! Today we are talking about how to stir things up a little and make prayer time new and exciting! Here are some things you can implement (if you haven’t already) to work on strengthening that precious time with Jesus that is our link to Our Almighty Father. He longs to hear from us, so don’t let ANYTHING keep you from knowing that your prayers matter to God. He hears every word, sees every tear, feels your every emotion. Give it all up to Him, and know that He cares for you! So, let’s work on some steps for prayer:

1) Create a prayer journal - you can record your prayers and then follow up regularly to see how they were answered and recognize what resolution you have found with those circumstances. This helps us to remember gratitude and thankfulness. We do not want to simply let things be taken care of and move onto the next prayer; we want to remember and to praise the Lord with recognition for each thing He does for us, even well after the fact. He never wants us to forget His promises, or forget those He has joyfully fulfilled for us!

2) Pray the Scriptures back to God - when a particular verse or Scripture is laid upon your heart, write it down and then meditate on it to see how it may apply to your current season of life or circumstance. Then pray that Scripture back to God, asking Him to show you what it is He has for you through that which has been laid upon your heart. Meditate word-by-word and break it down, there is a reason He brings a certain verse pr phrase to you that seems to continually penetrate your mind and heart. Pray for your eyes to see and your heart to hear how He wants you to use that in your walk.

3) God enjoys humor - be sure to add something into your prayer time that makes you smile or laugh. Don’t just use this time to ask God for things and thank Him for things. Use it to share as you would with your best friend or spouse. Feel comfortable and free to say, “Lord, did you see when I tripped over that carpet today and landed on my face? Then I made sure no one saw me but made a point to go tell everyone ‘Hey, did you see that? I totally just tripped and fell’. Why do I do that, God…they never would have known if I didn’t tell them what a dork I am!” Laughing with God is beautiful, comforting, and REAL. (By the way, this example was a true one from me…yes, I am THAT much of a dork). I trip over nothing, walk into walls, and all the while look up at God smiling and say, “You saw that, didn’t you?” Now of course we know He sees all, but being able to have fun with God is so important. Prayer doesn’t have to be structured, serious, and routine. Bring ALL of you to Him, and you will find yourself enjoying time with Our Creator on a whole new level that does not seem to be such an effort or struggle.

These are just a few ways to recreate prayer and find different ways to make it a desired part of our days. Making prayer something we want to do and find ourselves doing several times a day is the end goal. We do not want it to be something we schedule 5 minutes out for in the morning as we wake up, take 30 seconds out to do before a meal, and another 5 minutes out to do as we are half asleep on our pillow. We want to come before The Throne regularly and consistently. This helps us each hour of our day and brings us closer in relationship to God with each and every beat of our heart and word from our soul. Give your true self to God…the heartbreak, the joy, the serious, the silly, and the everyday mundane. He treasures it all, and it is His greatest joy to be your rock as you walk through every moment of every day. Talk to Him, listen for Him, and pray like it is your lifeline each time…because it is! Be blessed, sweet readers, you are so precious!

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  1. Oh I just love reading your blog...and yes I can so see you tripping but a dork? Humm I don't think so...You have been anointed to write girl!!!!