January 2, 2015

Digging Our Heels In...

Hello, sweet readers! It's that time...the New Year celebrations are over and it is time to focus on embracing each day and all that God gives us in the moments we have. I wanted to do this post earlier, but it has been a bear of a week. I have actually logged over 135 hours with my work over the last two weeks, so I have barely had a moment to breathe! But I promised the first post today, and I want to be sure I hold myself accountable and follow through for y'all! So let's get to it!

I want to let you know 3 things today:
1) What we will be discussing in blog articles for the month of January.
2) What our first fun giveaway prize will be, and how you can enter.
3) Our first recipe of the year, and why I am adding recipes to the blog.
4) The story behind the videos (of which I will post tomorrow since...well, you know, my bear of a week prevented me from having the time, focus, or necessary hair/make-up days to get it recorded)!

So, heeeeeere we go (so excited to share)!!!:

1) Blog articles for January- the topics we will be covering are: Newness In Christ/Resolutions, Life Words and Verses for 2015, Year's Goals-Christ's Grasp, Keeping Momentum 365 Days, Making Prayer Time New, Community and Connection, Keeping Accountable and Committed, Ways To Study and Apply Scripture, De-Stressing Your Schedule, Get Out-Get In Touch, Plan Your Passions, The Year of "What-If", Bibles-How To Choose What's Right For You, Family and Fellowship, Devotionals and Their Purpose, Quality of God vs. Quantity Of This World, I'm Not A Status-I'm Loved By A Savior

2) A freebie already? Well of course! What better way to start the year than in serving, giving, and love! So our first giveaway will begin tomorrow and go through the 10th of January. I will have a Rafflecopter form that I will post right here on the blog tomorrow morning. Just follow the instructions to enter (simple stuff) and THIS is what you can win! A brand-new copy of Beth Moore's Bible study entitled "Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring The Fruit Of The Spirit". I absolutely love meditating over and breathing in God's fruits of what makes us good stewards and what embodies who He is. I am hoping some of you will want the chance to study this as well! Winners for all giveaways will be chosen at random by the Rafflecopter program.

3) And now for one of my favorite things....foooooood!!! For those of you who know me well, I am and always have been a total foodie. I love to be in the kitchen baking, cooking, and creating (and can often be found sharing pictures of my freshly made goodies)! So I want to share with you all as well...twice a week I will post a recipe I like (typically one food recipe and one drink recipe) that I hope you will find yourself drooling over and wanting to try! They may be simple snacks, full course meals, or sweet desserts. But rest assured, they will make you want to snuggle up with a plate or cup of something tasty! This week's recipe is one I chose because it is quick, easy, my kids LOVE it, and with school coming back in session in a few days, it's the perfect time to share! I hope your little's will like it!


Celery stalks (4)
Raspberry flavored cream cheese or peanut butter (1/3 cup)
Dried cranberries or raisins (1/4 cup)

Cut stalks into approximately 3-inch pieces and peel off strings. Spread your choice of cream cheese or peanut butter on each piece. Sprinkle cranberries or raisins on top. Put a few in a ziplock bag and include in the kids' lunches for a fun treat. I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of mine for some of that "dirt" effect, and it adds great flavor!

4) Weekly videos are something else new I am implementing. Now, is this because I like looking at myself or the sound of my voice? Absolutely not! I am trying to become more personally involved with you beautiful people, and I feel a voice and a face helps to make that connection. I can pour my heart out into words, but sometimes when you see the blessings and joy you bring me through my voice and smile it helps to capture it a little better. I also am using you as guinea pigs for some upcoming ministry videos I will be doing ;) So I will be posting a weekly video talking a little about each topic, the giveaway/FB party that may be going on, the recipes that will be forthcoming that week, and just sharing my thoughts and excitement with you about our time together! I will post the first video tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to writing more posts and recipes! 

So that is is my beloved's...the coming posts will be much deeper, contain more insight, have much better planning and forethought, dig into Scripture, and be a lot of fun! But as I said, I wanted to follow through on my promise to y'all, as you are a treasure to me. Writing and serving makes me want to wake up each morning and puts an unexplainable calmness and happiness in my heart. Through this blog I am not serving you all, YOU are serving and blessing me. Thank your or being a part of this, and I look forward to big things right here at Life, Love, Lessons & The Lord in 2015! See you tomorrow!


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