July 24, 2016

New Online Study Begins In September!

Happy Sunday, everyone...I am making this announcement one week early because I am just TOO excited! This is the new study we will be doing through Debbie Oliver Ministries beginning in September! This study will prepare our hearts, minds, and lives for the brand-new 2017 year! I know, I know...some of you may be thinking, "But it's barely August!" And then I believe those same sweet voices will remember just how quickly time flies, and how we always plan to be prepared and we have "plenty of time". But the days, weeks, and months pass and we find ourselves STILL not in the place we thought we would be!

That is why I have chosen this study (along with much help from the Holy Spirit and confirmations in several areas of my life). I am very excited to journey through this with you and to be a part of your amazing faith walk as we study together and find our focus for 2017. I will have links as to where the book can be purchased soon! In the meantime, if you or anyone you know would benefit from fellowship and a study of focus and growth in an online platform with flexibility, support, and encouragement, please complete the quick registration form below. When I receive your submission, I will be sure you are added to our Facebook study group (if you have done previous studies with me, then you are already in our group!). Once in the group, you will have access to announcement, updates, encouragement, and some fun activities! We look forward to this study, and hope you will join us!