June 25, 2012

His Arms Are Always Open...

We are human, we are imperfect, we make mistakes, we sin, and we regret. But through all of that which we continue to do over, and over, and over...God's arms are always the same. They are wide open, waiting for our return, and yearning to hold us close. Sometimes we can be stubborn and rebel, sometimes we feel unworthy, and sometimes we just plain lose hope. There is one being who NEVER is stubborn, NEVER rebels, NEVER feels unworthy, and NEVER loses hope. Would that not be the most wonderful one to follow? One who makes no mistakes, acts only out of love, and always forgives. Can we say that about any human? No, we cannot. So why do we follow humans, why do we try to fit in so desperately, and why do we care what other humans think of us and our ways?

It is part of our imperfect nature that we must struggle against every single day, in everything that we do. There is only one place we can go where we know that there are never mistakes made, we will be forgiven no matter how we falter, we are beautiful and perfect just as we are, and where we are loved unconditionally. That is only in God's loving arms...and in the shelter of His heart. Christ died for us...because the Lord loves us, feels we are worthy, and wants our praise. We owe all to Him, for without Him...nothing is possible. We simply need to open our arms...and ask Him to wrap us up in His.

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